A template is offered in order to help our customers to create an orders file for upload into the application.

The template file contains 2 tabs: “Data Entry” and “AGORAORDER”

The “Data Entry” Tab allows you to enter the parts.

For each part, you have to fill:

  • the part reference (18 characters max)
  • the manufacturer
  • the quantity (9999 max)
  • a comment (not mandatory) (40 characters max)
  • a mission number (not mandatory) (20 characters max)

The “AGORAORDER” Tab displays the list of parts you created.

Step 1: Create the file


In the “Data Entry” Tab, for each part

  • Enter the part reference,
  • Choose the manufacturer in the drop-box,
  • Enter the quantity
  • Enter a comment (not mandatory)
  • Enter a mission order number (not mandatory)

When your list is complete,

  • Click on the “EXPORT AGORAORDER” button

The file is created in your “Documents” library and you can check it on the “AGORAORDER” tab.

Save the file whenever a dialog box requests it.

Close the file.

Step 2: Upload the file

In the application, select the “Orders” category, click  on “Basket” or “Tracking order

  • The action “Submit file” appears in the banner
  • Click on "Submit file", your "Documents" library opens
  • Choose the AGORAORDER.prn file

Step 3: Check the file

The uploaded file is analysed and the detail is displayed in the form of a table.

You can correct the information if necessary, then click on the "Validate" button. 

The parts to be ordered are now displayed with additional details.

When all the order data is correct, click on "Add to basket" button to have the parts added to your basket.

The parts have been added to each manufacturer's basket.

A video explaining the process is available.