Agora has a standard pricing policy for accessing all manufacturers (or suppliers), but you will be offered a special discount as a Tradeplace customer.

If you are currently subscribing to a multiple supplier license plan for Tradeplace After Sales, your new AGORA PLUS license price will be 28€ per month, instead of our standard price of 54€. (18€ per supplier).

Assessing the number of licence

To help you assess your specific cost, let us give you details of our subscription plans.

You need to buy a pack for each supplier(s) you want to be connected to and assess the number of simultaneous users that will access the system. 

Here is a simple example.

Company A is connected to 4 suppliers

5 employees can access AGORA PLUS.

Employee 1 and 2 work on a morning shift and employee 3 and 4 in the afternoon.

A manager, employee 5, accesses only once or twice a day AGORA PLUS.

Company A will therefore only subscribe to 2 licences for each of the 4 suppliers.

Assessing your cost

If you are a customer in the European Union.

Your cost will be as follows :

Licence  #
1 Supplier
2 or 3 Suppliers
1 Licence 
Discounted Monthly price
2nd licence and above
Discounted Monthly price

As we are present all over the world, we defined three levels of prices. You can check the standard pricing for  your country, please click on the following link: 

Price table